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Rear Curtain Flash

Have you ever wondered what ‘Rear Curtain’ or ‘Rear Sync’ means in your flash menu? All DSLR

Getting the Most Out of your Phone Camera

The quality of in built cameras in phones has increased many fold in the last few years; so much tha

Photo Filters that Still Make Sense

After things went digital, most photographers simply didn’t need to buy those warm tone filters to

How To Shoot Product Images Against A White Background

Product images are usually photographed against a plain white seamless background for the purpose of

How Perspectives Work

If you are the average photo user, you probably own a zoom lens to the effect of something like 18-1

Why Sensor Sizes Are Important

A look into why sensor sizes are important, and how they can improve the quality of your images. If

A Mother and a Daughter Share a Special Bond through Photography

A photographer called Rachel Elizabeth Seed is all set to connect with her mother through the mothe

Why You Need to Carry a Tripod

A little advice on why you would do well to have a tripod in your kit bag even in situations which d

How to Control Depth of Field

This article will teach you the basics of depth of field and how you can control it to add a profess

The Creative Use of Shutter Speed

Learn how to use different shutter speeds to creatively enhance your picture taking process. If you

The Creative Use of Aperture

We discuss the creative possibilities using different apertures to vary the depth of field to your p

De Mystifying Exposure Control

Exposure control can pose as confusing or even intimidating when you read complicated tutorials on t

A Few Tips on Photographing Your Pets

If you have a beautiful pet and would like to photograph it to the best of your abilities, this post

A Great Way to Get Fantastic Images of Kids in Playgrounds

Kids always make great photo subjects, and of course every parent loves to shoot their own kids to c

Using the Histogram to Adjust Levels

This tutorial will shed some light on histograms and how you can use them on Photoshop to help adjus

James Guerin’s 20-Lens DIY Camera

Photographer James Guerin has made a 20-lens camera that gives some pretty unusual and artistic resu

What You Can Achieve with a Lensbaby

We introduce you to the Lensbaby concept, and discuss what you can achieve using one. Oh, and a litt

Rule of Thirds

Composition and The Rule of Thirds Knowledge of the rule of thirds can dramatically increase the fre

Seven Basics To Taking Beautiful Pictures

A high-quality camera isn’t everything if you don’t know how to get the most from it and

Picking-Out The Right Digital Camera For You

Camera technology has come a long way in recent years. Not just in quality improvements for the aver

Easy Tips to Frame Your Subject

One of the techniques to make your photos more eye catching is by putting your subject into a frame.

Filling The Frame!

Filling the Frame and Leaving a Little to the Imagination! An ordinary composition of a photograph w