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Bicheno Harbour

Bicheno Harbour - Canvas Printing


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Every canvas print comes gallery wrapped and ready to hang. It is fully guaranteed and on the highest quality materials.

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Located on the east coast of Tasmania, you will find Bicheno, a town which is a beach resort and a fishing port. It is known for its outdoor activities and laidback lifestyle. Its picturesque resort town, mild climate, white sandy beaches, plenty of sunshine and an array of accommodation options are some of the reasons why it has attracted many travelers.

Bicheno was formerly known as Waubs Harbour and was used by whalers and sealers in 1803 to house their boats. It was named after James Ebenezer Bicheno. Around 1940’s, Bicheno started to become a great holiday spot. The town can be reached after a 2-hour drive north-east of Hobart via the Tasman Highway.

If you love diving, seabirds and marine life, visit Governor Island Marine Reserve. Other activities include motor tricycle tours, wine tour and penguin tours. You may also view Tasmanian devils, kangaroos and pelicans in the local wildlife park.

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100 x 70 cm ( 28 inch x 40 inch), 60 x 40 cm (16 inch x 24 inch), 75 x 50 cm (20 inch x 30 inch)