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Bremer Bay Native Dog Beach

Bremer Bay Native Dog Beach - Canvas Prints


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Photography by Basil Bilanenko

Every canvas print comes gallery wrapped and ready to hang. It is fully guaranteed and on the highest quality materials. 

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Watermarks won’t be visible on any of our our canvas prints when you receive them.

The Native Dog Beach in Bremer Bay is 300 m long southwest-facing beach is bordered by a 20 m high headland in the south and a rugged rock platform in the north. It is one of the ideal surf spots in Australia.

Waves average over 1.5 m and break across a 150 m wide surf zone, which is drained by permanent rips against each headland. Steep vegetated transgressive dunes extend up to 2 km inland and link with the Blossoms Beach dunes. The water is crystal clear blue and the sand is the whitest. October to May is the best time to head to Bremer Bay.

Waves are also found at Peppermint Beach depending on conditions and swell, Bremer Beach and Blossoms Beach which is suitable for beginners.

Let us turn this beautiful image into a canvas print.