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Cape Le Grand National Park – Lucky Bay

Cape Le Grand National Park - Lucky Bay - photo to canvas prints


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Photography by Basil Bilanenko

Every canvas print comes gallery wrapped and ready to hang. It is fully guaranteed and on the highest quality materials. 

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Cape Le Grand National Park is the national park and one of the best coastal scenery in Western Australia. The area is an ancient landscape which has been above sea level for well over 200 million years and remained unglaciated.

It is home to secluded bays cradling white sand beaches, wave pounded headlands and imposing granite peaks are nature at its most dramatic. Famous features in the park include gorgeous bays with wide sandy beaches set between rocky headlands.

Fflora that can be found around the park include Melaleucas, Grevilleas, Sheoaks, Christmas Tree and Grass Trees. Fauna that are commonly found within the park include bandicoots, pygmy honey possums, ring tailed possums, quenda and grey kangaroos.