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Crocs along the Daintree river

Crocs Along The Daintree River


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Photography by Basil Bilanenko

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Located about 100 kilometers northwest of Cairns in far north tropical Queensland is the Daintree River which runs through the Daintree Rainforest. The river is one of the primary attractions and is home to a dazzling array of tropical life. It was also given the Wet Tropics Word Heritage Listing in 1988.

It supports freshwater and saltwater marine life including saltwater crocodiles. About 70 adult crocodiles live in the Daintree River and the largest are the males with lengths usually about 5 meters. The scientific name of these crocodiles is Crocodylus Porosus.

Since around the mid 70’s, crocodile spotting in the Daintree river has become very popular.. The best time for crocodile spotting is during low tide.  Visitors especially those with children must be aware of crocodiles.  You must keep away from the waters edge and choose a safe boat.