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El Questro Gorge, Kimberleys, Western Australia

El Questro Gorge, Kimberleys, Western Australia


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Photography by Basil Bilanenko

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In Western Australia’s remote East Kimberley region, the EL Questro Wilderness Park can be found. This should not be missed when visiting the beautiful region. Most of the area has not been explored.

The park which is located 110 kilometers West of Kununurra can be accessed by the Gibb River Road. It has rugged sandstone ranges, deep weathered gorges, waterfalls and thermal springs. It is 5 times the size of the island of Tasmania. The El Questro gorge is a narrow gorge with beautiful Livonsta Palm forest.

Visitors can appreciate El Questro’s diversity and vastness including the gorges and canyon by air. It boasts 4 major river systems where visitors will find an abundance of fish, animals and bird life. The El Questro Station offers accommodation (air-conditioned and campsites). From El Questro, you can cruise down the Chamberlain Gorge.