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Seven Basics To Taking Beautiful Pictures

A high-quality camera isn’t everything if you don’t know how to get the most from it and take great pictures. So, in this section, we’re going to talk about seven easy, but often overlooked ways to take stunning pictures.

Let’s begin:


beautiful picture 11. Take “action” shots

Such as someone laughing, shaking hands, or cooking. These hold far more memories of what happened than posed shots. Look to tell the full story of your vacation or family event.

2. Pay close attention to your surroundings.

What’s in the background of your frame? Move if there are power lines, trees, or other intrusions you’ll notice later. Also, look to see if there is anything on the ground you can move, such as coke bottles or trash. It may seem small at the moment, but it may prevent you from wanting to frame the picture later on.

3. Pay attention to faces when taking pictures of people.

If the lighting is off, then you may need to move. If people are making unflattering faces,
then you may gently tell them to relax and then smile.

Feel free to take as many pictures as you want. Since it’s digital, you can easily delete the
ones you don’t want later on.

4. Avoid taking pictures of people from the ground where you’re aiming upwards.

This angle tends to show an unflattering side of people. Instead, look to stand-on a chair and shoot downwards if possible.

5. Closer is better when taking pictures of people.

Avoid far away shots. You can always edit if you want to later with editing software.

6. Try different angles for landscapes.

You don’t always have to have everything centered, have ago at taking images from a different angle.

beautiful picture 2

7. Pay attention to lighting.

In most cases, you want to make the lighting completely even on the subjects face. Avoid putting your photo subjects behind a window. Instead, the photographer might switch places so his or her back faces the window.

You also might use the light from a window on the side of your subject’s face if you’re taking a portrait. Outside, make sure that the sun is not shining in your subject’s face. If it is, you can move to a shaded area.

On top of these tips, it’s important that you get to know what your camera can and can’t do. If you’re camera has a lot of advanced features, you have a lot more freedom in the pictures you might choose to shoot. However, if you have a simpler camera, then you can get better results by being more selective.

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