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Wall Art Stickers

Photo Wall Stickers

The Ultimate Display Material!

Now we can print your photos, cutout figures, backlits and trade show signage. Our photo wall stickers are permanent yet removeable self-adhesive woven fabric, prints with bright colors and is water-resistant.

Unlike self adhesive signage vinyls that easily scratch or have poor color, our photo wall stickers use fine woven pure polyester fibre and a high quality photographic inkjet coating to make durable bright colors .

It has a special removable adhesive that won’t strip the paint or leave a residue on most painted surfaces.


  • 150 by 600 Denier
  • Wallpaper Paste Free
  • Removable – even from itself!
  • Light Fast (with pigment inks), Water Resistant, Flexible
  • Bright Colours
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Can be used externally
  • Great for rented properties
  • Cost effective

Our photo wall stickers can be used for human silhouette figures in the kids playroom, wallpaper for the living room, temporary signage for the office, backlights or the display of large art murals in public spaces.

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Download (Photo-Wall-Stickers-Prices-and-Sizes.pdf)