A photographer called Rachel Elizabeth Seed is all set to connect with her mother through the mother’s classic 8mm footage of icons of yesteryear. The fact that Elizabeth could never meet her own mother makes this whole project titled Rachel Elizabeth Seed ; even more special to her.

Photographer Rachel Elizabeth Seed lost her mother when she was just 18 months old…like her mother Sheila, Elizabeth herself grew up to be a photographer. She recently came across boxes of footage of 8mm film photographed by her mother, and one can only imagine the joy this would bring to a daughter who lost her mother at a very early stage; double the joy when the mother and daughter both worked as professional photographers! The footage itself contained subject matter of photographic importance; photographer icons of the time including  Henri-Cartier Bresson, Cornell Capa, Lisette Model and W. Eugene Smith among others.

Rachel Elizabeth could feel a connection with her mother from her professional work, and the way she interviewed people. After spending hundreds of hours on watching and researching on this footage, she’s decided to put together a short film on her mother’s work. Elizabeth has set up a team for the job, and also spent a considerable sum of money to get things rolling. After having put in tens of thousands of dollars, she has started looking to the Internet to help fund her work. Petapixel reports –
‘The Kickstarter campaign is 10 days away from completion and only about $1,500 away from reaching their initial $25,000 goal. That money will allow them to finish filming and move the documentary into post-production. If they’re lucky enough to reach their stretch goal of $35,000, they’ll move into post-production in earnest and (hopefully) make the movie a reality that much sooner.

Pledge levels range from $10 for a digital download of the movie poster to $10,000 for an executive producer credit, two VIP tickets to the premier, dinner with the director and a private photo shoot of your choice. There’s also plenty of levels in between for those who would like a limited edition film still shot in the 1940s ($150) or a signed limited edition archival pigment print by Seed herself ($250).’

The discovery of this special footage connects with people on two different levels; one of course is the rarity of the content of Sheila’s footage itself, which captures some of the leading names the photography industry has ever seen…the other is something that most people would find even more touching is the mother-daughter film maker connection that evolves through the project. No wonder over 300 people on the Internet have already pledged their support in varying denominations! If you too would like to contribute to supporting this wonderfully touching project, you can do so here.

People who involve themselves can also track the progress of Elizabeth’s work on the Photographic Memory blog.


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