What You Can Achieve with a Lensbaby

We introduce you to the Lensbaby concept, and discuss what you can achieve using one. Oh, and a little about the optics as well… Lensbabys have really quickly caught the attention of the creative photographers looking to try new in-camera techniques to enhance their...

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James Guerin’s 20-Lens DIY Camera

Photographer James Guerin has made a 20-lens camera that gives some pretty unusual and artistic results. Take a look… For those who don’t know this, photography started with pin hole observations. A pin hole is able to bend light rays very much like a lens does so;...

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Using the Histogram to Adjust “Levels”

This tutorial will shed some light on histograms and how you can use them on Photoshop to help adjust ‘Levels’. Levels and Curves are among the most common and basic Photoshop adjustments to get the lightness or darkness levels on yours image right. Before you get...

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A Great Way to Get Fantastic Images of Kids in Playgrounds

Kids always make great photo subjects, and of course every parent loves to shoot their own kids to capture their childhood on images. However, shooting kids is not always easy because they seldom seem to sit in one spot and pose like models! But when they are in the...

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A Few Tips on Photographing Your Pets

Photo from Bayrook Photography and available to purchase from Gippsland Country Photography. If you have a beautiful pet and would like to photograph it to the best of your abilities, this post will give you a few ideas on getting the most out of the shoot… Everyone...

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De Mystifying Exposure Control in Photography

Exposure control can pose as confusing or even intimidating when you read complicated tutorials on the subject. We try and simplify it for you here. Exposure control is the basic technical expertise that a photographer needs to have, without which neither a...

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