The Creative Use of Apeture in Photography

We discuss the creative possibilities using different apertures to vary the depth of field to your preference. Aperture is the most commonly applied creative control that photographers use. You probably already know that it is also a critical variable where exposure...

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How To Control Depth Of Field In Your Photography

The depth of field created by a lens can roughly be defined as the space between the nearest sharp subject and the furthest sharp subject. In other words, you could call it the field of acceptable sharpness within an image.  The image above shows great depth of field....

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Why Carry a Tripod?

A little advice on why you would do well to have a tripod in your kit bag even in situations which don’t normally call for slow shutter speeds. Everybody knows why they may need to use a tripod sometimes….or do they? The most obvious reason if you ask a budding...

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Why Sensors Are Important In Photography

A look into why sensor sizes are important, and how they can improve the quality of your images. If you’ve been wondering why some camera models are so much more expensive than others, when even mobile phones are offering 20 and 30 MP cameras, the answer lies in the...

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How to Shoot Product Images Against a White Background

Product images are usually photographed against a plain white seamless background for the purpose of catalogue publishing. The choice of color white is pretty self-explanatory since it is the least disturbing to the product itself – except if the product is white!...

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