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One of the techniques to make your photos more eye catching is by putting your subject into a frame. Your photo will be better if the subject draws the viewers’ attention easily. Framing is a photography technique that needs to be learned to enhance the finished photo. This article will provide you with simple tips on capturing an outstanding photo with a framed subject.

The first trick is to eliminate elements which can distract the subject by moving closer to it. You must exclude all unnecessary elements and include only those which you think should be part of your image.

Another thing that must be remembered in framing your subject is to avoid placing the subject in the center of the frame. You can even make your photo more interesting by not placing any subject in the middle. (See rule of thirds). This is to encourage the viewers’ eyes not to just focus in the center, thus creating a visual balance in your photo.

You can make your subject look more engaged and mysterious by making the surroundings part of the photo. You must also follow the rule of thirds which involves breaking down an image into thirds, both vertically and horizontally.

The elements must be positioned in a way that it creates the best results and makes use of space. When using this technique, you must know the points of interest in your photo and where you want to position them.

You may also consider frames within frames especially when you want your image to include anything that is reflective such as glasses or mirrors.

When framing your subject, it is recommended that your frame is darker than the rest of the photograph. When these guidelines are followed, framing your subject will give your images context and sense of depth, create a bit of mystery and draw the eyes towards the main focal point.

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