What is Your Guarantee?

We will refund your money in full. Our guarantee is very simple, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of your canvas  prints or any other product you purchase from us we will happily refund your money in full!

 We offer the best quality products. We love what we do nad  we pride ourselves in using only the best quality products available. Our materials are used by professional photographers worldwide. We know what it takes to produce a canvas print that you will be happy with.

We have offered this guarantee for over 10 years and obviously if our customers were returning prints we would have gone out of business years ago.

We are 100% Confident That Your Print Will Look Amazing. If your photos and images are unsuitable for printing or the sizing is incorrect we will contact you, so that you can be 100% confident that your canvas photo prints will look amazing.

Your print is also guaranteed in transit. If anything at all happens to your print while it is being delivered, even if it is damaged after it is delivered but before you get home to unpack it it is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Are You An Australian Company?

Yes we are! We are located in rural Victoria and every step in the process to create you print is completed by us. Everything from setting up proofs, to cutting frames, printing and finishing.

What is the Freight Cost

We have flat rate shipping Australia wide of $17. Everything is sent via Startrack Express

What Type Of Service Level Do Your Offer?

Some of our competitors charge extra for quick turn around times and “professional service”

At Best Canvas Prints Online we aim to offer the same exceptional service to every one at the same quoted price

Every image is checked for suitability. Prior to print production all image files are checked for suitability.

Adding text, photo edits and montage/collage creation at no additional cost.

You will speak directly to the person producing your canvas print.

When you order you will recieve:

  • Phone or email contact with the person producing your print.
  • Free addition of text, picture editing and creation of photo collages.
  • All your Images are manually checked prior to printing (If there are any problems we will let you know) Remember our unconditional Guarantee, we will not print anything that we arn’t sure you will be happy with.
  • We are very flexible if there size, framing or coating options that you would like to explore just ask and we will do our best to match your requirement.

As a  full-service canvas printer we do not simply press the “print” button when we receive your image file.
We custom make each print to your particular requirement.

Our aim is to create a result that exceeds your expectations in every possible way.

When we receive your image file our professional  printers colour correct and enhance your photo. After we set your image up for printing we will email you a print ready proofing file for your approval. For large prints we can produce a “test strip” printed on the actual canvas that your print will be produced on and mail it to you so you will know exactly how your print will look.

This obviously adds to the turnaround time but not the cost.

We offer free resizing and conversion of your image to black and white or sepia. We can also assist you to develop a customized montage or unique piece of art for free.

Best Canvas Prints Online has produced thousand of prints for clients all over Australia so we know what works and what doesn’t work on canvas so we will only produce prints that will look fantastic when hanging on your wall.

We have an extensive range of options included:
  • Custom sized prints at no extra charge – meaning your images are never cropped or stretched.
  • Gloss, matt or semi-gloss coating
  • 22mm, 32mm or 40mm thickness frames
  • Stretched or rolled canvases
  • Square, rectangular or panoramic
  • Full colour, Sepia, and B&W (cool, neutral, warm and carbon) printing. 
  • Printing of logos, signatures, text and edition numbers on your photo.
  • You can have your print sent anywhere in Australia or overseas.
  • Prints from digital images, existing photos, transparencies, slides and negatives.

Please contact us for an obligation free assessment of your image or to request an additional services.

Why Are You More Expensive Compared to the Major Chain Stores?

The answer is pretty simple, we offer a quality product, we couldn’t even produce our products for the cost of some of the major chain stores. So if you looking for an inferior product that won’t last, we are probably not the answer for you.

What Canvas Do You Use?

best canvas prints FAQ canvas imageAt Best Canvas Prints Online only use high quality matte finish, pH neutral (acid free)  canvas, which has a base weight of 374 gsm. Designed for long-term, fade resistant fine art or photo re-productions when imaged with the UV pigment inks we use it has 100 + year image stability.

The polyester/cotton blend canvas has a specifically designed coating which delivers superior colour gamut and resolution, with the added bonus of being water resistant when printed with UV inks.

It is heavy weight like denim, water resistant and bright white, meaning you get great colour reproduction. Unlike 100% cotton canvas, there is less chance of the canvas actually sagging over time.

100% cotton canvas is designed for artists to paint on. The poly/cotton canvas we use is formulated to be inkjet receptive with a special emulsion designed to accept the latest high technology pigmented inks. Therefore it is superior for use with canvas printing.

We use Torino Canvas that is independently tested by the //www.wilhelm-research.com. Torino 17M passes 100 year Display Permanence Rating from Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. Refer to the Fine Art Media Image Stability Performance bulletin.

What Type Of Ink Do You Use

Pigment ink is made where the colorant is a non soluble powder (similar to paint). This makes resulting prints more water and fade resistant. If you plan to display whatever you print and expect extended print life or water fastness, quality pigment inks should be used exclusively.

Using quality pigment inks not only result in greater colour gamut, extended tonal range but also greatly increased display life and durability.

With greater pigment density, each particle has an extremely smooth and uniform resin coating, ensuring superbly sharp image reproduction on both canvas and other media along with marked improvements in light and water resistance. The pigment colorant improves light and gas resistance. Since the pigment colorant exists in the particle form, only the surface is affected by light and gas, and the colour inside remains vivid.

Quality pigment Ink utilises this property of pigment ink effectively achieving superior light and gas resistance.

The 8-color ink set incorporates three unique levels of black, which along with color pigment technology, dramatically improves both color and black and white prints. It allows us to produce archival prints with amazing color fidelity, gloss level, and scratch resistance, while providing stable colors from the moment prints exit the printer.

What is Your Framing Process

  • We use Kiln dried and finger jointed New Zealand re-growth timber bars, making our frames eco-friendly.
  • Unlike sharp edged art bars these bars are made for inkjet printing with rounded edges for the elimination of canvas cracking.
  • Stretcher bars are not made from  Australian hardwood timber (Eucalyptus such as Vic Ash or Tassie Oak) or non-re growth Asian rainforest timber (Meranti). Many of these products contain larger amounts of tannin or tannic acid, which may be detrimental to archival (acid free) products.
  • In addition to the acidic content issue, the use of non re-growth forest contributes to global warming and climate change. All our stretcher bars are marked as originating from re-growth forests.
  • Finger jointed frames are also more stable and are less likely to warp over time.

What Is The Laminte That Your Use

Quality U.V. Anti Fungal Protective Coating


Not only does canvas print laminated with a quality UV protective coating look better, but your print will last a lot longer. The laminate is a liquid coating that that protects your print. It is sprayed onto the printed canvas providing a sealed barrier.

Some canvas printers in Australia do not laminate their prints because it requires special equipment and costs more. We believe that a quality laminate is so important every print gets 2 coats. Unlike some companies we dont charge an additional cost for laminating.

Like all printing materials there are various grades that UV coatings come in. We us an environmentally friendly water based, nano technology UV blocking, high flexibility, scratch resistant, anti-fungal, ultra clear, superior ultra violet light blocking, ultra tough & durable coating that dries to be waterproof.

It is designed for pigment inks and is available in matt satin and gloss. Applied with a high volume low pressure spray gun in a purpose built spray booth.

It is specially produced to Australian specifications to cater for our harsher UV levels and hotter conditions. It provides the following:

  • Protection against grubby finger prints, dust and water.
  • Fade resistance for over 75 years
  • Restricts the growth of fungus and mould in humid climates
  • Graffitti resistance
  • Protection from scratches, abrasion and bumps
  • Enhances the colour and vibrancy.
  • Gives the print more punch

While this product costs a lot more than lower quality laminates your print lasts longer and can be carefully wiped clean with a soft damp cloth. It is a major factor in allowing us to offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

How Are Your Canvas Prints Finished

We professionally finish your canvas print with acid free artists tape, wire and hooks.

Hooks allow you to easily adjust the height of your print if need be when using an existing wall hook.

Many companies just finish with string and no tape.

Quality Stretching

All our canvas prints are stretched recommended by the manufacturer.

Canvas do NOT need to be stretched drum tight as this may cause the edges of the print to crack. According to Magiclee.com “Secured canvas should be snug but not overstretched across the stretcher frame. To help prevent corner tears use less tension on matte canvas than on glossy canvas.”

Your print is delivered ready to hang.


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